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Power Pole Installations
Private Property Power Pole Installations and Repairs

Services Available

  • Supply and Install Power Poles, New Lines
  • Replacement of Existing Power Poles
  • Aerial Services for Aluminium and Copper Lines
  • Trenching
  • Tree Trimming
  • Cross Arms - New and Replacement
  • General Maintenance and Repair on existing pole lines
  • Straightening of Poles
  • Pole and Cross Arm Inspection
  • Emergency Storm Damage Services and Repairs
  • Old Pole Disposal
  • Sign Installation
  • Lighting Poles
  • Earthworks : Skid Steer Loader, Excavator, Dozer  

Please feel free to contact us via email or phone for a quotation or more information. We look forward to assisting you with your enquiry.

Domestic Overhead Power Cabling 

Be aware of any overhead power lines on your property when moving equipment or ladders, especially metal. Take care when clearing gutters or repairing roofing.

Tree branches and vegetation are a hazard around overhead power lines, and may cause power loss to your home in the event a tree branch falls, but please do not trim trees around overhead power lines yourself.

Power Pole Installations can safely clear overhead power line routes of tree branches and other vegetation.

Receive expert advice and qualified service to keep your overhead power lines working safely and in compliance with required standards.

Maintaining Your Property Poles 

Ongoing maintenance of your property poles will help to ensure safety and reliability of electricity supply, so it is important to regularly check property poles.

  • Always inspect poles and cables from ground level, at a safe distance.
  • Never climb a power pole or come within 3 metres of power lines.
  • Regularly check the base of the pole for signs of any damage.
  • If your pole has a cross arm visually check that it appears to be in good condition.
  • If you see or suspect the pole has damage at its base, or are concerned about any other structure on your pole, please contact us for an inspection.

Contact Power Pole Installations on 5426 2234 or 0417 632 662 for efficient, qualified, experienced service.


Private Property Pole Installations and Repairs - Ipswich, Lockyer Valley, Lowood

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